Highlands refers to two separate city-center neighborhoods in Denver, Colorado. Lower Highland “LoHi”and West Highland are both in the area that is referred to as North Denver. The West Highland neighborhood to the immediate northwest of Lower Highland & Downtown, with the borders of 38th and 29th Avenues on the north and south and Federal and Sheridan Boulevards on the east and west. The two together are casually called "the Highlands," a term which often encompasses other Northwest Denver neighborhoods such as Jefferson Park, Sunnyside and Berkeley. To add further confusion, within the Highland neighborhood there are several historic designations of various degrees, including Potter Highlands, Scottish Highlands and Highlands Park. West Highland and the Lower Highland neighborhoods consists of almost all of zip codes 80211 and 80212.

One of the three original settlements that became the city of Denver in 1859, Highland fell on hard times between the end of World War II and the end of the 20th Century, but has recently been experiencing something of a renaissance and first rediscovered by the arts community. In addition, some of the area's best and most eclectic restaurants call Highland home. More recently, singles, couples and families looking for some of Denver’s best housing bargains have invaded the neighborhood.

Housing types available in Highland are wide-ranging--row houses, duplexes, apartments above retail shops, grand Victorian and Queen Anne mansions, and post-WW II era single family detached houses. The streets and the neighborhood's hilly topography are lined with trees.

Highland is often confused with the suburb of Highlands Ranch, located approximately 20 miles to the south. The similarity in name is merely a coincidence

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